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Almost every person has gone through some sort of financial crisis at some point in time. Instead of going into a deal of panic, just go with the flow. Apply for a payday loan or cash advance. Not only are these 2 loan types easy to apply for but they are the most easiest to process. It doesn't take long before a person has a breakdown from the debt being carried. Don't let your financial struggles get the far to where you cannot control them. At Indianapolis we have specialized employees who have worked in this industry with no problems. On the other hand, when you work for a place like this, you wonder why there is so much stress over finances. Trust in Indianapolis to get the job started and to walk you through any issues you may be having.

We want you to be aware of what you are applying for. Understanding the process and expectations of a payday loan or cash advance is what is very important. At Indianapolis, we recommend that during the application process, you fully understand everything you are signing and read everything! You don't want any surprises so please fully read every detail you can. We have decided to explain a few FAQ that we have received from all of our customers. If you do not see your question answered, feel free to contact us regarding your question or concern.

FAQ's About Payday Loan and Cash Advances

How much are the fees?
Whenever you talk about borrowing money, there will always be a fee attached to it. A payday loan or cash advance is no different. Depending upon how much you borrow and your state regulations, it could vary.

What if I'm late on my payment?
If you know you are going to be late, let us know ahead of time. We can help you before your due date. There are extended payment options that can help give you time to repay the funds. However, if you contact us past your due date, you will be subject to late fees. Please re-read your agreement to see what those fine amounts are.

Why Choose Indianapolis?
Indianapolis is dedicated to finding alternative funds to help those who are in need of money. If you are not able to apply at a bank or credit union, then we can help. We have made our payday loan and cash advance process as simple as possible. All you have to do is fill out the application to begin your loan process. We are here every step of the way to ensure you are on the right track to getting money.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. We fully abide by our privacy policy. For more information regarding how we protect your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy page.

Can I repay my payday loan early?
Yes. Please see your agreement regarding early pay off.

Do I need great credit?
Absolutely not! Surprisingly, we do not check your credit score or credit history. This is what helps all types of people with good and bad credit to get money. No hassles about your past financial situations. We want to help you now. Let Indianapolis walk with you to get the payday loan or cash advance you want.

Can I have 2 loans open?
Unfortunately no. You are not bale to have 2 payday loan or cash advances open at the same time. You must completely pay off and close the account before you can apply again. This is so you are not able to stack your debt on top of each other.

Is there a limit on how many times to apply?
Absolutely not! Once your loan is paid in full, you can re-apply as many times as you want. There are no rules or restrictions on how many times you can apply for the same loan type.

How will I know I'm approved?
Once you have completed and submitted your payday loan or cash advance application, you will get a notification within a few minutes sent to your email. This email will inform you on how much you were approved of, your expected payment due dates and where your money will be sent. if you chose to have your funds direct deposited, you will receive them the same day.

How will I know if I qualify?
Everyone is approved for a payday loan, cash advance or other loan service we offer. Since we do not check your credit information, we do not discriminate against anything. Just apply online and you are approved with funds. No worries, hassles or gimmicks.

We do not need a reason as to why you need the money. The only thing we care about is helping you and other people in the community get what they need. When your paycheck is gone, but you need groceries, clothes, bills paid, etc., you have to borrow from somewhere. Let the somewhere be Indianapolis. No more stressing yourself out over financial situations you can't seem to control. Instead, have faith in us to help you with your finances. Apply today for any of our loan services. Make tomorrow a better day by filling out an application.